Please Note: Reservations are required for every party, no exceptions. Please phone, 717-225-5082. Monday - Thursday 4-9 PM, Friday 4-10 PM, Saturday 2-10 PM for reservations.

Membership is needed to attend the club. One time temporary membership is $15, good for 30 days. Annual membership: single ladies $25, couples and single males $45. If you convert from temporary to annual membership
within 30 days, we will credit the $15 toward the annual membership.

Party fee: single female $12 Friday or Saturday.  Couples and single males Friday $55 Saturday $65.
(unless otherwise noted for a special events)

After party rooms: $45 per bed.
Private Stay rooms: $60 per night.  First preference goes to those booking the weekend stay.

BYOB. Hot buffet dinner provided, (unless otherwise noted.)

Party 7pm-2am.

Pool Parties: single ladies $10, couples and single males $40, (unless otherwise noted.)

Wednesday evening Meet and Greet pool party,
no food provided: couples and single males $20, single ladies $5.

  Holiday Weekend Package Pricing.  Must be paid on Friday to receive the discount.  $50 deposit to reserve a room, must be received within one week of booking to hold.
  All parties:  couples and single males $256, single ladies $53.
  All parties with after party room: couples and single males $378, single ladies $175.
  All Parties with private stay room:  couples and single males $418, single ladies $215.

Call for weekend packages. If you book all the weekend parties and stay overs, you will receive a 10% discount. Must pay for the weekend upon arrival for the weekend.


19th - Monthly Kink night, 7 pm - 2 am. Everyone is welcome to the kinkier side of life. Novice to experience on hand, so no one is out of place. Additional equipment is in the car area for scenes.

20th - Rocky Horror night with our friends from Mischief Social Club, 7 pm - 2 am. It’s just a jump to the left! And the a step to the right! Time warp it tonight with our freaky friends. Do we have a Frank N Furter? I know a few Magentas. Don’t be a JANET though! Come out for an outrageous night.

26th - Monthly Meet n Greet and throw in a little karaoke, 7 pm - 2 am. Great time to make and ring new friends with special meet n greet pricing. Throw in some karaoke, mixed in with the dance music. New members get in for the cost of their annual members: couples and single males $45, single ladies $25. Current members special pricing: couples and single males $40, single ladies $5.

Happy Halloween!
27th - Halloween Season Grand Finale, 7 pm - 2 am. Break out the beautiful, scary and outrageous costumes for tonight. Prizes for several categories. Pull out all the stops for this one folks as it is a WILD night.


2nd - Freaky Friday fun and celebrating the November birthdays
, 7 pm - 2 am. If your birthday is in the month of November our gift to you is half off your party fee. Bring your friends out to celebrate with friends.

3rd - Exotica Erotica Boo Ball with our friends from TCB
, 7 pm - 2 am. Come out for a Masquerade/Costume Ball. Put your spin on the gala however you wish or just come out to see the sights. Break out your fun party dress and mask, you know you love the mystic of it all.

9th - Let’s Make a Deal with our friends from Wikked Endeavors
, 7 pm - 2 am. Celebrating the 3rd anniversary of Wikked. Around 10 there will be a crazy game of Let’s Make a Deal, like the old game show. Selecting 6 contestants to play, but you will need to be crazy to get noticed.

10th - Kinky on a Saturday!
7 pm - 2 am. This is our monthly kink event. This party is for everyone! Novice to experienced or just curious are all welcome. Additional equipment in varying areas for use. Sensory stations to experience something new.

16th - Freaky Friday fun and games
, 7 pm - 2 am. We all need a little fun to mix and mingle. Maybe some musical laps or something fun.

17th - Break out those fabulous heels and sexy hats to come party with our friends from Swing Out Socials
, 7 pm - 2 am. Special note: donations will be taken for the Food Bank tonight. Bring your non-perishable items tonight.

23rd - Freaky Family Friendsgiving!
7 pm - 2 am. So not all folks have the extended family to celebrate with. Do you have a special recipe to bring along and share. We supply turkey, ham and sides. Feel free to bring your special item along to share.

24th - The Korral has talent?
7 pm - 2 am. Maybe, probably, most definitely! Let’s make this fun! We will have to for regular dancing and fun, but will mix in a talent a portion of every hour.

30th - Monthly meet n greet
, 7 pm - 2 am. Greet time to introduce new people to the club. New members do not pay a party fee this evening, just their annual membership. Current membership special pricing: couples and single males $40, single ladies $5.


The Korral